Glucose logbook

If you have diabetes, a glucose logbook can help


A glucose or blood sugar logsheet is used to record levels before (“Pre”) or after (“Post”) mealtimes, along with any notes relevant to your blood glucose control. If you are testing less frequently, you can also use these fields to record the time a meal was eaten or when you went to bed to see if there is any effect on future blood sugar readings.

Blood glucose values are measured from blood samples obtained from the finger or other sites, as read
on your blood glucose monitor. You can record the values at:

-Fasting (Before breakfast)

-2 hours After breakfast

-Before Lunch

-2 Hours After Lunch

-Before Dinner

-2 Hours After Dinner

-At Bedtime

If your FPG is more than 120 mg/dl & PPG is more than 180 mg/dl, you should consult your doctor.

People using insulin are encouraged to check their blood sugar regularly. People who are not on insulin can perform structured self-monitoring that involves checking your blood glucose levels at certain times of the day (for instance after meals) for a given period (i.e. two weeks) and then working with your diabetes healthcare team to figure out how food, physical activity and medications are impacting your blood glucose levels.

It is also called blood sugar logbook, SMBG diary etc

How does a logbook help?

Helps you to record your blood glucose readings in a structured manner

Helps you to draw a trend line of your historical glucose readings

Helps you to share your glucose record with your doctor

Helps you to know the impact of diet and exercise on your glucose values


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